Custom Home Design

Custom designs for homes can be anything from creating a dream home from scratch to additions and remodeling plans. Our services provide the support you need to get the look you want for your living space. We can plan every detail for your project from windows, doors, and foundation, to other details such as cabinets, electrical, and list of materials needed. We provide different perspectives of what your completed project will look like including by floor plans and 3D visuals. We make sure projects conform to the required building codes. Let us work with you on your design by contacting us today.

Site Evaluations

If you work in construction or have been part of a construction project, then you know that some of the most important work happens on paper. Because your client wants to know what's been done on a project and needs to keep track of costs so they can report it to their investors. But instead of trusting this work to someone who might not understand why it matters, give our construction & remodeling team a call. We have a proven record of creating easy to read and useful site reports so that everyone involved with your project is on the same page. Give us a call and ask about how we can help with your site reports.

Home Design Budgeting & Counseling

If you want to create a new design for your home that won't break the bank, then you may be interested in our team's home design budget counseling service. When you call, our design consultants will work with you to discover your ideal home decor and will make easy-to-follow recommendations on how to affordably find the home design that you want. We work within any budget to find affordable alternatives that will give you the designs you want. It doesn't matter how small or large a job you have for us, our team can help you find results. So, don't start a design project without giving us a call for budget and design consultation.

Multi-Family Designs

Are you the owner of a building that's just perfect for a multi-family dwelling? Do you want to make the best use of your space so you can offer great dwellings without wasting unnecessary space? Then our team is here to help. We work with apartment managers and multi-family building owners every day to help design high-quality dwellings that are sure to attract new customers and keep them happy and on their leases. We help you design simple and comfortable spaces that allow for the amenities that apartment hunters demand while allowing you room to expand and create. To learn more, call today.

FEMA Approved Coastal Designs

If you have a prime piece of coastal real estate that would be perfect for a housing or dwelling, then you should know that FEMA has several requirements that must be met. Creating designs that FEMA would approve of can be a challenge until you give our team a call. We work hard to create FEMA Approved Coastal Designs that will give your properties the features you need, while meeting all requirements that FEMA could and will ask for. You can avoid hefty fines, fees, and costly post-construction refittings by calling us in the first place for your designs. So call us today to learn more.


Planmark can work with you to alter your existing building or design an addition that meets national, state and local codes. A free consultation is provided to be sure that construction budgets are aligned and that the work is applicable to save you aggravation.